We create a different kind of experience.

Majestic Manatee Tours is a family owned and operated eco-tour Company located in the beautiful town of Crystal River. Captain Cindi Guy is our Chief Entertainment Officer (CEO,) but our whole team is here to ensure your comfort and safety.

Manatee Eco Tourism Association of Citrus County

We participate in our community business efforts to ensure manatees are never harassed, and that our tours are professionally conducted.

Whether you are here to see and experience our amazing manatees, go snorkeling for scallops, fish for a trophy catch, or just relax on an eco-cruise and get your mind full of nature, you’ll find that we’ve packaged pretty much everything you need.  We have no surprise add in costs.  Your gear is included.

We welcome you to come and learn about the majestic manatees and experience first-hand their grace and beauty.

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Family Oriented

Pet FriendlyTaking care of your family is essential to us.

We understand the needs of young and old, because our family is so important to us.

We have life vests for very young passengers.

Let us treat you like family – or better!

Our Boats

Our equipment comes complete will all United States Coast Guard mandated safety gear, and we hope to surprise you with even more than a safe tour.

We want our boats to be comfortable too.  We know you want that, but we live on these boats almost every day, so it is also very very important to us.

Comfort and safety go together for us. We want you to be excited and delighted with your experience.