Scallop season of 2018 is coming up fast! Find out more about this wonderful experience and how to reserve your spot now .

Scallop In hand

The weather is warming as we transition from spring to summer here in Crystal River, FL. What a beautiful time of year to be on the nature coast of Florida. For locals here in Crystal River, the summer time brings scallop season. Usually in season from July 1st through September, scallops flood our local flats in massive numbers. These tasty little crustaceans nestle in the grass beds like lost treasure waiting to be claimed.

Scallop Charter cooler of scallops

Scalloping is a fun and family friendly activity that can be accomplished with little experience snorkeling. The process is very simple: Head out to “the scallop grounds” and hop in the water with a mask and a scallop bag, spot your scallop while swimming at the surface, and dive down for them. Usually scallops live in 4 to 6 feet of water making it plenty easy to reach down and harvest them. Clear shallow grass flats are where scallops reside. Lots of smaller fish also call these waters home, adding to the element. The bag limit for scallops is 2 gallons per person and a 10 gallon boat limit. That is plenty for a delicious meal that you and your family caught together! The experience is best described as an underwater Easter egg hunt. “There’s one!” you think to yourself as you reach down to grab your scallop. Before you get the chance to put your scallop in your bag, 2 more catch you eyes and the excitement begins. Once your bag is full, head back to the boat to show off your very own dinner! This activity is a great way for families or friends to get out of the office and enjoy a relaxing day on the water. The bonus is eating your fresh self-caught scallops. To learn more about this species, click here

Convinced to take an adventure? We offer high end scallop charters all season long. Our captains are family friendly, and extremely qualified to ensure your safety. Spots fill up fast, be sure to make a booking as far in advance as possible! To learn more about scalloping in crystal river or to book a trip, visit our page here