Climb aboard to take a relaxing sight seeing and wildlife tour!

The weather is just perfect here in Crystal River Florida for a nice boat ride. It truly is “sunny and 75” outside and our local wildlife is out and about to enjoy it. While it is a bit warm for the large congregations of manatees, there are still a few around that we refer to as our residents.  We have been spotting a handful of manatees from the boat on our daily tours. It’s a sight to see such a large and easy going mammal in its natural habitat. We also have a large variety of wildlife that resides here that are often overlooked. There is much more wildlife and sights to see on our beautiful waterways.

We have an incredible variety of species of birds that call our freshwater ecosystem home. Pelicans, multiple species of heron, ospreys, and the occasional bald eagle!

With spring like weather, the ospreys are definitely here and are currently hanging in their nests. We have a few nests that can be seen from just a few feet away, while the female guards her egg. Once the osprey makes their nest, they will use the same nest for life, with the same partner. Learn more about these birds here . Many species of fish also fill up our river, including mullet, bass, snook, and the all mighty Tarpon. If your lucky, you might catch feeding time on your trip to watch the one-hundred plus pound tarpon get a snack. Indian burial mounds can be seen from the river along our beautiful marsh. On our tours, you’ll learn all about the wildlife we have to offer, town history, and the best local hangouts and waterfront restaurants. There’s no better way to check out this unique town and waterway than hiring a local captain to show you around.

Interested in a tour of our ecosystem? Click here to learn more about our Eco tours. Our full time captains are both seasoned and outgoing to ensure you and your friends or family get the most out of your visit!